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Louie Gayao MD

Welcome to the personal blog of Dr. Louie Gayao, a distinguished neurosurgeon based in Metro Manila, particularly in Quezon City, Philippines. With years of experience in the field of neurosurgery, Dr. Gayao has established himself as an expert in a wide range of neurological procedures and treatments. His dedication to advancing the field of neurosurgery is evident through his continuous research and innovative approaches to patient care.

In this blog, Dr. Gayao shares his insights and knowledge on various aspects of neurosurgery, aiming to educate and inform both medical professionals and the general public. From discussing the latest surgical techniques to exploring breakthroughs in neurological research, his posts are both informative and accessible.

Dr. Gayao’s commitment to excellence in patient care and his passion for educating others make this blog a valuable resource for anyone interested in the world of neurosurgery. Whether you are a fellow healthcare professional, a patient seeking information, or simply someone curious about the field, you will find a wealth of information here, delivered with the expertise and compassion that Dr. Gayao is known for.

Featured Topics

Demystifying Meningioma: Insights from the Neurosurgery Frontier

Meningioma may not be a household name, but it’s a condition that touches the lives of many. In this insightful post, we delve into the world of meningiomas, benign tumors that arise from the meninges of the brain and spinal cord. As a neurosurgeon, I offer a unique perspective on how these growths affect the body, the latest advances in minimally invasive surgical techniques, and the promising future of treatment. Discover how meningioma is diagnosed and treated, and learn about the journey of patients navigating this condition.

Hemorrhagic Stroke: Understanding the Urgency and Treatment

Hemorrhagic stroke, a critical and often life-threatening event, occurs when a blood vessel in the brain bursts, leading to bleeding in or around the brain. In this insightful post, I delve into the causes, symptoms, and urgency of treating hemorrhagic strokes. Drawing on my expertise in neurosurgery, I discuss the latest advances in emergency interventions and long-term management strategies. Learn about the signs that demand immediate attention, the recovery process, and how modern medicine is improving outcomes for stroke patients.

Hydrocephalus: Understanding and Treating 'Water on the Brain'

Hydrocephalus, often termed ‘water on the brain’, is a condition marked by an excessive accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid. In this enlightening post, I explore the complexities of hydrocephalus, offering insights from a neurosurgeony. Learn about the innovative surgical solutions that are changing lives, the signs and symptoms that shouldn’t be overlooked, and the ongoing research that promises a brighter future for those affected. This condition may be daunting, but understanding and advanced treatments are bringing new hope.

Subdural Hematoma: Key Facts and Treatments

Subdural hematoma, a type of bleeding in the brain, can be a medical emergency that requires swift attention. This post offers a deep dive into what causes a subdural hematoma, how it affects the brain, and the signs that shouldn’t be missed. As a neurosurgeon, I’ll guide you through the latest treatment options, from conservative management to advanced surgical interventions. Discover the journey patients take from diagnosis to recovery and learn about the crucial steps in managing this serious condition.

Understanding Brain Aneurysms: A Surgeon’s Insight

Brain aneurysms are often a silent threat, lurking undetected until they make their presence known. This post delves into the intricate world of brain aneurysms, providing crucial insights from a neurosurgeon’s perspective. Discover the latest advancements in diagnosis and treatment, and learn about the subtle signs that should not be ignored. Join us as we unravel the complexities of this life-threatening condition and explore the frontiers of neurosurgical care from a Neurosurgeon in Manila.

Herniated Discs: Understanding the Pain and Path to Relief

A herniated disc can be a source of debilitating pain, but it’s a condition that’s often misunderstood. In this comprehensive post, I unravel the mysteries surrounding herniated discs – what causes them, how they can affect your body, and the various symptoms they produce. Drawing from my experience in neurosurgery, I discuss the latest advancements in non-invasive treatments and when surgery might be necessary. Learn about the journey from pain to healing and get empowered with knowledge about this common yet complex spinal issue.